Spark Worker


Here we'll go over the Spark Worker Configuration. 



Spark Worker Data Sources
Open up the configuration modal for Spark, and click on the Configure Data Sources tab.  In the Add a data source drop down menu [1], select Spark Woker.  Click on Edit [2] to the right to expose the fields that need to be configured [3]:


The plugin requires the following information:
Field Name Default Value Description
Host  _HOST:8081_   
 Port  8081  
 UrlPath  /metrics/json  
 Run as Unix User  nobody  


Spark Worker Metrics 


Metric Name Units Metric Description Count Number of cores free on the worker
worker.cores.used.count Count Number of cores used by the worker
worker.executors.count Count Number of executors currently running on this worker Megabytes Memory free on the worker in megabytes
worker.memory.used Megabytes Memory used on the worker in megabytes
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