Akka Statsd Support

Statsd is a push-based metric collection from infrastructure. Statsd is integrated into Akka/Lightbend monitoring. Please refer to this artircle Statsd Plugin Support for statsd support in Akka.

This article will describe how to get started with StatsD plugin, to send metrics to Opsclarity Agent.


  • Cinnamon
    Make sure you have enabled  cinnamon in your application, Please refer to this article on how to enable cinnamon
  • Reporter Dependency
    Below is the configuration to add statsd reporter in your build file.
libraryDependencies += Cinnamon.library.cinnamonCHMetricsStatsDReporter


Below is the configuration needed to set up Coda Hale metrics to be send to Opsclarity-Agent.

cinnamon.chmetrics {
  reporters += "statsd-reporter"

  statsd-reporter {
    host = ""
    port = 10101 # Default Port for Opsclarity Agent

    dogstatsd {
      enabled = on


Use the configuration to below to limit fields reported for histograms and meters.

cinnamon.chmetrics {
  reporters += "statsd-reporter"

  statsd-reporter {
    report {
      histogram = ["max", "min", "mean", "p95", "p99"]
      meter = ["samples", "min1_rate"]


  Actor Metrics

Metric Name Units Metric Description
Running actors  Count the number of running actors (of an actor class or group).
 Mailbox Size  Count  statistics for actor mailbox sizes.
 Stash size   count  statistics for actor stash sizes
 Mailbox time  time  statistics for the time that messages are in the mailbox
Processed messages    rate the number of messages that actors have processed in the selected time frame
Processing time  time  statistics for the processing time of actors.
Sent messages  rate   statistics for the number of sent messages per actor.


 Actor Remote Metrics

Metric Name Units Metric Description
Sent messages  rate  statistics for the number sent remote messages.
Sent message size  bytes  statistics for remote sent message sizes.
Serialization time  time  statistics for the time that serialization takes.
Received messages  rate  statistics for the number received remote messages.
Received message size  bytes  statistics for remote received message sizes.
Deserialization time  time  statistics for the time that deserialization takes.
 Phi accrual value  gauge  statistics for the Phi accrual failure detector
Phi accrual threshold value  gauge the configured Phi accrual threshold value.
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