We recommend integrating with PagerDuty to receive convenient notifications generated by OpsClarity.  Here we'll walk you through the integration process.

1.)  First, hover your mouse over your user name in the upper right hand corner [1].  Click on "Account Settings" on the drop down menu: 


2.)  Decide what you want the service name to be, and enter it here:


3.)  You will also be asked for your PagerDuty Key.  In order to get the PagerDuty integration key, you will need log into your PagerDuty account.  Once inside, navigate to Configuration > Services then click on Add New Service:


4.)  Enter the a service name [1] (it can be anything) and a description [2] on the following screen.  Choose OpsClarity as the Integration Type [3], and click on the green Add Service button [4] at the bottom of the page:


5.)  You'll be shown a summary page of the OpsClarity service you added.  Look for the Integration Key under the Integration Settings section.  Copy and paste it back into the OpsClarity interface:


6.)  Click "OK" at the bottom of the Manage Notification form once the integration key is in place.  Now wherever there are monitors or other events that can generate a notification in the OpsClarity system, you will have pagerduty as an option:


7.)  Keep in mind, to ensure only the most relevant events trigger a notification, we recommend you add notifications at the overall service cluster health level ahead of the notifications at an individual monitor level.


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