Create your own custom dashboard

The custom dashboard view in OpsClarity allows you to add your own custom detailed graphs, comprised of your choice of any metric source stream in the system across any service cluster or host.

1.)  To get started, hover over the Dashboards link at the top of the interface [1] and click on +NEW [2]:


2.)  You will be prompted to enter a dashboard name, then presented with the first of three steps - select a resource:


3.)  One you have chosen your desired resource, click on Next, and the system will populate the list of metrics that are available from that resource.  Take note of the icons to the left of each.  An icon with two lines [1] indicates a multi-host metric - only one can be selected at a time.  An icon with one line [2] indicates that more than one of that service type can be added.  Make your selection(s) and click next:

4.)  You'll be given an option to rename the graph itself.  (You named the dashboard before, this is the name of the graph.  One dashboard can have many graphs.)  Choose a name and click on "Done":  


5.)  When you are done, you will see the new dashboard with the one graph you created.  You can expand the graph [1] to see more details and add more data sets to that graph.  To add more graphs to your custom dashboard, click on the ADD GRAPH link [2] and repeat steps 2-4 above:


For more information on how to edit individual graphs, refer to our dashboard overview here.  You can add as many graphs as you'd like.  A fully populated dashboard will look something like this:


To learn more about these charts and metrics, navigate to our Metrics article.


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