Review default monitors & service health

In this article we'll show you an overview of OpsClarity Monitors and what they mean to your operational status.

When you first log in to OpsClarity, you'll likely see a topological view showing your services and health (as indicated by the colored circle around them).  Green means good health.

Click on a service [1], then look to the right and click on the "Health" link [2] to dig deeper into the monitors that determine that service's health:


Monitors basically watch metric data constantly and make sure that data falls within predetermined or user defined acceptable limits.

The next page will show you all the monitors for that service, and their recent recorded data for the health of that service.  Any changes in the health's status will show up as events in the system.


For more detailed information on how to create or configure custom monitors please refer to this support document on that topic;  or you can dig deeper into events and metrics, here.


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