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This article will give you a brief overview of what events and metrics are inside OpsClarity, and how to access them.  (For more in-depth information concerning metrics and events see the respective articles.)

Events are any change in the health of a service or host, while metrics are the detailed, underlying data streams that are usually viewed in a graph format.


The window on the right [1] will show you the entire system event log for various service and host level events in chronological order (with the most recent one at the top).  Selecting any element on the topology view will limit the events to just that service selected.  The event filter above the log [2] allows us to filter these events by their Importance (Info/Medium/High) as well as their Type (Anomaly/Availability/Violation/Health).  Any event in the log can be opened up to see the underlying metric and the unexpected behavior:


The event histogram highlights the frequency of various events on a timeline view. The global histogram at the very bottom [1] shows all the events over the last 2 weeks while the detailed histogram just above that [2] is a drilldown into any granular time-period up-to the last hour. Whenever a service is selected, the service health is added right above [3] the detailed histogram so that this service health can be correlated with the events associated with the service:



After a service is selected on the topology map [1] and an event is clicked on in the event list [2], some metric data can be seen [3] directly within the event log.  But for a better view of more metric data, click on the Metric link [4] in the upper right hand corner:


This will bring you to the curated metrics dashboard screen that shows several metric graphs and other information.  For use cases requiring metrics from multiple services or hosts, you can created your own custom dashboards.

Learn more about our user interface's hierarchical data model next. 


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