Collects metrics and metadata

In the OpsClarity system, a metric is essentially raw data from one of our data collectors.  Metrics can be graphed in a wide variety of ways and displayed on your dashboard (either by default in a Service Cluster > Metrics page or in a custom dashboard).  Metric data is also fed into our monitors to produce a picture of health.  This monitor health is then synthesized together to produce an overall service or host health.

Here is an example graph showing how several metrics are displayed on the same graph:


We auto-generate data source and monitor graphs.  You will see these metric graphs inside every service and every host by clicking first on the service cluster or host itself [1], then clicking on the metric link to the right [2]:


Inside, you'll see the auto-configured metric data graphs for your selection (in our case, a service):


You can also expand the service information on the right to see the underlying hosts, and quickly access that set of pre-configured data graphs as well:


For every host and every service with a plugin we auto configure a series of metric graphs into a pre-built curated dashboard.

You can build custom dashboards that bring together metrics from any service cluster or host. An overview of dashboards feature can be found here, and you may refer to this article for instructions on how to customize a dashboard.

Click here to read how these metrics are monitored to synthesize a health status.


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