Triggers events for health changes

An OpsClarity event is a health status change for either an individual monitor, an overall service cluster or an overall host.

There are three filters available for the event log - Importance, Event Type and Resource Type.

Host icons will appear on the event log as squares while service icons will appear as circles.  They will be shaded with their corresponding importance level:


Events can be viewed in a number of ways.

Events will always affect a change in the health color of the service or host under which it is found.  These events will show up on the individual health bars on the health screen, on the event histogram along the bottom of the screen, and you will also see a list of events to the right under "Event Log":


Under this event log to the right, you are able to drill down into the specifics of a host event to quickly troubleshoot an important event by clicking on the small white arrow to the left:



Continue on to a summary of what makes OpsClarity different from other application and infrastructure monitoring solutions.


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