To access a more traditional metric-based dashboard view, hover your cursor over the Dashboard icon at the top of the screen and select either an existing or a new dashboard. 

Dashboards contain both single metric and multi-metric graphs.  Hovering over the Dashboard link at the top [1] exposes a method to create a new Dashboard [2] and also shows existing custom dashboards [3].

For this walkthrough, we'll pick an existing custom dashboard:

When selecting a pre-existing dashboard, you will see a view with a number of graphs displaying recent metric data.

Mousing over the graph name above a graph will display a pencil and paper icon that you can click [1] to change that individual graph's name to something a little more useful.  You can click on the metric or host count below the graph [2] to access a menu where you can quickly hide or unhide that data set [3] - this is especially useful when viewing graphs with a large number of included metrics or hosts.  And finally, there is an expansion icon in the upper right corner of each graph [4] which will let you see a much larger view of the graph and also edit many other aspects of that graph:


The expanded view seen below gives ever greater precision when comparing metrics.

Click on the edit icon in the top right corner [1] to open up the edit menu which will appear in the bottom right corner [2].  There, you can add more metrics or remove the graph entirely.  Clicking anywhere on the data line itself within the graph will set your yellow timeline selection line [3] to that time.  Do notice that your white cross hairs [4] and your yellow time selection line are both tracking in the histogram at the bottom of the screen: 


Make sure to save or cancel your changes if you opened the edit menu, to return back to the previous main dashboard view.

(More information on creating and customizing your own dashboards can be found here.)  Otherwise navigate to our article on how Metrics are gathered in OpsClarity.


If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to contact us at support@opsclarity.com.

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