Event log, histogram and area graph

There are four other important areas in the OpsClarity user interface:  the details panel [1], event log [2], histogram [3], and area graph [4]: 


Details Panel

Initially, the smallest region on the UI layout is the details panel.  This region can be expanded by clicking on the double arrow icon in the upper right corner.  It shows detailed hierarchical data for the selections made in the topological and host maps:


Event Log

The event log maintains a running log of all interesting ​events happening within your services or hosts.  These events are generated whenever monitors configured for the service/host are triggered - these monitors include statistical anomaly detectors that require no thresholds, traditional availability checks as well as standard metric threshold violations.  Events can be filtered by their importance, type and scope for rapid analysis.  The resulting events then act as the starting point for troubleshooting when application issues are identified:



The event histogram and global events area visually enable the user to quickly drill into timelines where application issues occurred.  When used alongside the event log and the topology/hostmap, the replay functions of backwards and forwards on the event histogram help the user understand the root cause of the failure and how it propagated from one service to another, finally leading to the service health degradation.


Area Graph 

The area graph is at the very bottom of the entire interface.  It is a chronologically synced view of all activities across your entire system's infrastructure, regardless of what filters you have in place for the histogram and other areas of the site:



Moving your cursor along the histogram, health bars, or event log will display a white line for easier visual timing analysis in all three areas:



The final piece of the OpsClarity interface is the metric Dashboard.


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