Generates health for each monitor, host, service instance and service

The health of a service or of a service instance is a synthesis of the underlying monitors.  Selecting a topology or hostmap item [1] will populate the details panel to the right with a "Health" link [2] allowing you to view these monitors for more in depth analysis:


If you are viewing this health screen on the service level [1], it will display each service instance health that is running the service along with any other service specific montitors [2]:


If you access the health screen from the host level [1], you will likewise see a breakout of System (which captures health of the host) as well as Service Instance monitor elements [2]:


These underlying monitor, service, service instance and host health bars will have a chronological health status that is vertically aligned with the histogram at the bottom of the screen.  This allows you to see at a glance what time each monitor element's health was affected in relation to other monitors and events:


Notice that any degradation of a bar's health status will generate an even that corresponds in severity and in time with it's generating monitor anomaly.  However, when the health bar status return to normal from an at fault state, the event that is produced is informative in nature (blue):


More information on these events can be found here.


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