Summary - the OpsClarity difference

OpsClarity’s unique, patent-pending approach to data-first application monitoring is based on 3 pillars

  1. Shorter Time-To-Value through Service-Aware Data Collection: Monitoring data is auto-collected from OS and network info and then services are auto-clustered and auto-configured. The resulting benefit is shorter time-to-value than manually configured traditional infrastructure monitoring tools as well as wider visibility than traditional code instrumentation-based APM tools
  2. Higher Signal-to-Noise ratio through Intelligent Service Health Tracking: Completely automated cluster health tracking for each service, negating the need for noisy graphs generated by traditional infrastructure monitoring tools
  3. Faster Mean-Time-To-Resolution through Multi-Service Event Correlation: Correlation of events auto-generated from health status changes, enabling faster root cause analysis than the current status-quo of manual correlation across multiple dashboards


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