Service Visibility

Service visibility has two states: Visible (default) and Ignored. Ignoring a service stops all data collection for that service, disables it's monitors and hides the service from all views.

There are two ways to modify a services's visibility:  From the General Tab under the Service's Configuration interface, and from your Account Settings page.  If you choose to disable a service from the configuration screen, the service will immediately disappear from the topology map upon closing the configuration screen:



This makes it impossible to access the service's configuration screen to re-enable that service.  This is why it is necessary to access your Account Settings Page to re-enable the service.  Click on your account name in the upper right hand corner [1], then Select Account Settings [2]:



Then scroll down to the bottom to manage your service visibility [1].  You can filter the list of services by region [2], visibility status [3], or by a custom text string [4].  To restore an ignored service, simply click on it's respective toggle switch [5]:



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